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Deckover Trailers by HandiTrailers

Receiving their name from their open deck design that sits above and over the wheels, Deckover Trailers by HandiTrailers are your ideal solution for hauling a variety of payloads. Because the deck extends over the trailer’s wheels, you can utilize the entire width and length of the trailer for your cargo. This extra space is especially valuable for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped loads. With no wheel wells or fenders intruding into the cargo area, loading and unloading items on a deckover trailer, also known as a flatbed trailer, is much more straightforward. This makes it easier to position and secure your load, saving you time and effort.

Standard Deckover Trailer Specifications:
  • 96″ x 24′ – 2 axles,  14,000lb (Gooseneck) or 16,000lb capacity
  • 96″ x 30′ – 2 axles,  14,000lb (Gooseneck) or 16,000lb capacity
  • 96″ x 35′ – 2 axles,  14,000lb (Gooseneck) or 16,000lb capacity
  • 96″ x 40′ – 2 axles,  14,000lb capacity (Gooseneck only)

Why Choose a Deckover Trailer from HandiTrailers?

  • Unrivaled Quality: Deckover trailers by HandiTrailers are constructed with high grade steel to withstand heavy-duty use. Our team of engineers designs and fabricates our deckover trailers for long-term durability so you can rely on them to support your hauling needs for years to come. 
  • Comprehensive Customization Options: Our deckover trailers are available in various sizes and weight ratings to accommodate different hauling requirements. Even with a selection of standard models, we understand that sometimes a fully custom trailer is needed to completely satisfy all of your hauling needs. Whether it be additional axles, ramps, tie-down points, or more, we’ll work to understand your unique hauling requirements and will fabricate your ideal trailer.
  • Expert Guidance: Whether you’re a seasoned hot shot driver or someone looking to purchase their first trailer, the HandiTrailers team is dedicated to making your trailer-buying process hassle-free. We are at your service to answer any questions you may have or provide recommendations for the type of trailer that would suit your application best.

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We can help you meet exact needs with one of our standard trailers – or build a custom trailer to meet your needs.


Gallery of HandiTrailers Flatbed “Deckover” Trailers

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