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Gooseneck Trailers by HandiTrailers

HandiTrailers’ Gooseneck Trailers, characterized by their curved neck, are a specialized type of trailer commonly used for hauling heavy, large loads. They are distinct from other trailer types in that they connect to the towing vehicle via a hitching point in the bed of the truck rather than the bumper. This hitching method, because the tongue is centered over the rear axle, makes gooseneck trailers incredibly stable, versatile, and capable of transporting greater payloads. Many business sectors utilize gooseneck trailers including but not limited to construction, hot shot trucking, and agriculture.

Standard Gooseneck Trailer Specifications:

  • 24ft x 8ft – 2 axles
  • 30ft x 8ft – 2 axles
  • 35ft x 8ft – 2 axles
  • 40ft x 8ft – 2 axles

The trailers have a nominal width of 102″, including stake pockets, and a usable deck width of 96″.

All trailers can be configured for 14,000lb, 16,000lb, and 20,000lb GVWR capacities. 

Why Choose a Gooseneck Trailer from HandiTrailers?

  • Unrivaled Quality: Our team of engineers has perfected the design and fabrication of our long-lasting yet affordable trailers. Expertly crafted from high-strength steel, our gooseneck trailers are built to withstand the toughest hauling challenges for years to come. Whether you’re hauling heavy machinery, vehicles, or construction equipment, HandiTrailers’ gooseneck trailers are more than up to the task. 
  • Comprehensive Customization Options: We understand that every job is unique, and we want to improve both your efficiency and profitability. That is why a gooseneck trailer by HandiTrailers can be customized to suit your exact application. Whether it be different sizes, axle configurations, or add-on accessories, it is our mission to fabricate the trailer that helps you not only get the job done but get the job done with a higher level of safety and efficiency. 
  • Expert Guidance: HandiTrailers’ commitment to excellence is evident in every trailer we recommend and manufacture. Our team of trailer experts is at your service to ensure you receive the exact trailer suited for your business needs.

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