Trailer Monthly Loan Payment Calculator

While HandiTrailers does not provide financing directly to our customers, we understand that few have the dollars lying around to pay for a trailer in cash.  (Though if you do, we’re here for you!) Our goal at is to not only help you choose the trailer for your business, but to also provide the information and resources where you can – if desired – find a financing program that will work for you.

If you’re looking to estimate what the monthly cost might be for a simple interest-based loan, use our interactive calculator below to generate an estimate of your monthly payment.  Based on the credit score you input, the calculator will generate a monthly payment estimate that you can consider and compare to other financing options.


*Please note that this calculator is neither a loan application, nor a guarantee of a particular monthly payment.

To receive a loan or lease commitment, you must complete an application with a lender.

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Do you have questions about financing?

While we don’t finance trailers ourselves, we’ve done our best to partner with a number of different rent-to-own, lease-to-own and simple interest lenders. We’ve got a vested interest in helping you find the right financing so give us a call at 262-537-5377 so that we can understand your unique situation.

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